Choosing Builders in South East London

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When you decide to build a house, choosing the right builder is a very important consideration. Your satisfaction will depend on their skills, experience and commitment to the work. With these qualifications you are sure that the builder is equipped to meet all your needs and expectations. There are hundreds of builders South East London has. They range from small companies constructing a few houses to large builder-developers with large portfolios. Whether you live in the small communities or the large urban areas in South East London, you will have a number of builders to choose from. It is important to note that each building company does business in a unique way. As you make selection of the builders South East London provides, use the following criteria to assess each candidate.

Company profile

Building a house is a complex job. It combines a lot of processes including laying down of the foundation, erection of the structure, installation of systems and finishes. You need to look for a builder with the professionalism, skills and experience to complete all these processes efficiently. To determine this, ask for their background. How long has the builder been in business? What is the approximate number of homes they build each year? South London builders have an industry organization. A professional builder will be registered to such an association.

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Quality of houses

There are specific qualities you are looking for in a house. Make a list of these characteristics and compare against the model provided by the builder. Do not forget that the model house represents the best quality you can expect from the builder. Take time to examine all the aspects of the model. Are the products used of good quality? What about the layout and design? Do these factors match with what you are looking for? You may need to request the builder for a visit to a home in progress. This will provide you with a great opportunity to see the quality of ceiling, floor and walls before they are covered up. Read more at

After sale services and warranty

Consider builders South East London experts who can be lifetime partners. Take a close look at what the builder offers after the closing date. What is their warranty and after sale services? If anything goes wrong after completion of the home, will your builder deal with the problem? Will they be available and will they charge you? Professional builders will give you a homeowner’s manual detailing all the elements in the house. It should also set out requirements for regular services and maintenance.


You need to compare prices from different builders. Consider carefully what is included in the prices and what is not. Builders who offer upgraded features are often costly. For instance, a builder who is also a nest pro will charge an extra fee. While making the price comparisons do not always go for the cheapest. Use of branded products, attention to details, quality constructionand after sale-services comes at a cost. Price, therefore, should not be the only basis you use to make the final decision.

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