Pros of Metal Roofing

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Metal is one of the hardest and most durable materials on earth. Gold for example, is regarded as one of the most resistant of all materials that can be found in the planet. Because of that, metals such as steel, tin and aluminum are used in most housing materials. However, these materials are much commonly used on roofs and reinforced concretes because of their innate sturdiness. Tin and aluminum are the most preferred materials for roofing because they are lightweight and easy to apply. To know more why you should have the metal roofing gold coast has, read on to this article!

Metal Roofing Gold Coast

It is lightweight

A square of brick tiles which is an area roughly about a hundred square feet can weigh up to 750 pounds. On the other hand, concrete tiles can weigh much more even at the same area: up to 900 pounds per square! Therefore, applying it on your roof can be pretty hard not to mention the tension that it can create on the brace that it will sit on. Metal sheets of tin and aluminum outclass all other materials in this category. This is because they can only weigh 50 to 100 pounds per square. Despite being lightweight, they are still very durable and can even last up to 30 years in the right conditions.

Installing it is a breeze

Brick and concrete tiles are around 8 inches wide, 15 inches long and 3 inches high. This means that in order for you to apply them in an area of a hundred square feet, you need to apply approximately around 10-20 pieces. But what if you need to apply it to an area that is much bigger than that?

Luckily for you, the metal roofing gold coast has are available in two sizes: 24 inches and 36 inches. This means that you only need a single sheet of the metal roofing gold coast has per 36 inches; almost twice the width of other materials. Because of that, you need fewer sheets to occupy the whole area that needs to be roofed. In addition to that, the metal roofing in gold coast is also much lighter compared to the latter materials because they are made of thin sheets of metal, usually just a couple of millimeters thin.

It is fire resistant

Metals have a very high melting point. This is because their atoms are so stacked and close to each other. Because of that, these materials can resist fires of up to a thousand degrees Fahrenheit. This attribute is the reason why the gold coast metal roofing and any other metal roofing in the world have been given a class A fire rating by most firefighting agencies in the world. See more at AMJ Metal Roofing

It is cost effective

Not only that you can find cheap metal roofing in Gold Coast, metal roofing is cheap in general. Applying it on large areas requires a few sheets unlike other materials. These are also much cheaper because they can be easily produced, unlike tile bricks and concrete bricks that require a lot of effort and resources from the manufacturers. For more details, just visit

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