Find Crucial and Reliable Soil Compaction Tests in Sydney

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Carrying out soil tests is crucial for many individuals and companies that may be having different project initiatives in mind. The type of soil at your disposal and its level of purity have to be known, depending on what you will put on the land. There are a number of soil testers Sydney you can count on to give you a comprehensive report on the soil you are interested in. One of these companies is Alliance Geotechnical. Their public testing laboratory has been accredited by NATA and it offers competent field testing services to several big names including Sydney Water.


Understanding Soil Compaction

Soil compaction refers to the densification of soil as a result of air escaping from the pores within its grains. This usually occurs when there is immense pressure applied to the soil from human trampling, as well as the work of heavy machinery. Soil compaction testing is necessary to determine the suitability of the ground that you are keen to develop. Depending on the project you wish to undertake, you need varying degrees of soil compaction. When a given piece of land has been highly compacted, it gets difficult for water and air to infiltrate it. High levels of compaction mean that the growth of plants on the soil may be compromised. The compaction is mainly a result of human traffic in the field and use of heavy machinery in farm work.

On the other hand, soil compaction is a crucial aspect of building and construction. Compacted land is important because it is relied upon to give sound support to the foundation of a given building. Alliance Geotechnical soil testers Sydney will help you determine whether or not the compaction process has proven to be sufficient for the project to be undertaken. Regardless of the type of soil that you are dealing with, you can be sure to get a reliable report from these soil testers Sydney. This is because the company employs the use of a NATA-accredited public laboratory for conducting tests. Since the quality of test results depend a lot on the equipment available to a testing company, you can rest easy, knowing that outsourcing the work to Alliance Geotechnical will give you back value for your money.

Other environmental testing services offered by Alliance Geotechnical

Aside from soil compaction tests, Alliance Geotechnical offers other crucial environmental investigation services. It is always important to know the level of purity of the environment in which you operate. When the success of your project depends a lot on the purity of the soil, soil contamination testing becomes necessary. It is also important to know the impact of using chemicals like fertilisers on soil as this determines its suitability for the long term.

To get your soil tested competently by Alliance Geotechnical, you can send an email to the company on You can also call them on 02-9263-2688 to schedule a night time test. Whether you need the tests for infrastructural, civil construction, or residential developments, this is a company that offers competence and reliability. See more:

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