Hot Attics Need Not be a Problem with Powered Attic Ventilation Fans

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 The loft has a very important role in regulating the temperature and well-being of the whole house. If hot air is not released in the hot summer months. it could result in the staggering temperature of 150F or 65.5C or more being reached in the attic. This hot air should not be trapped but could be released or vented out through the roof. Otherwise, this will lead to a build-up of heat in the whole house. If a the premises is using an air conditioning system of any kind, then this system will be working harder to keep the air fresh and the temperature down. This will be a drain on energy bills and it will be a strain on the air conditioning unit. This could result in thousands of dollars being wasted. There is a solution. That is using powered attic ventilation fans.

There could be further complications

Potential Breakdown of Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles, a form of roof covering and tiling, will start to break down if internal temperatures become too hot for a long period of time. The warranty on the roof could become void. Most shingle roof manufacturers expect there to be powered attic ventilation fans in the attic roof.

powered attic ventilation fans

Wood rot and Mildew

This is not only hot, but it is also very moist. Within the attic, mildew, fungi, and wood rot could develop. Although called dry rot, this particular kind of fungi needs a moist environment to develop and stagnant air. Wet rot is the natural state of decay for timber if it is left untreated. Again hot, moist, environment will accelerate this natural process. Mildew is another fungus based organism that attaches itself to timber. Again, this will thrive in hot, moist, environments with stagnant air. Eventually, wood rafters and boards will decay, rot and warp. This could put the whole roofing structure at risk.

Using powered attic ventilation fans will help equalize the internal and outdoor moisture content of a building. This will also help to reduce the chances of rot in the attic.

Effects on Health

There may be air conditioning systems that are connected through the attic, in which case the toxic stew that has been brewing up there could then be spread around the entire house. If the air conditioning is not part of the attic, then all it is doing is straining to cool and circulate the hot stagnate air trapped underneath the attic.

Fungi spores, from molds and mildew, could find their way from the attic and then be circulated around the home. Hot air will rise into first-floor bedrooms and be trapped. This air could bring dust and debris from below. People with respiratory problems such as asthma may be put at risk. There could be a steady increase in colds, flu, and unexplained headaches.

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